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Application for child support services

Welcome to Minnesota's child support program! Child support is money parents pay to their child's other parent or caregiver to support their child. Before completing this application, please read the Understanding Child Support handbook to learn more about the program.

Please provide as much information as possible, including a daytime phone number to help us better serve you. The child support program will use this information to help you collect or pay support. Complete a separate application for each parent with whom you have a child.

Child support services include:

  • Locating parents
  • Establishing paternity and court orders for child support
  • Enforcing child support orders
  • Processing payments made by one parent and sending them to the other parent
  • Reviewing, modifying, and adjusting orders for child support
  • Working with other states to establish and enforce child support orders.

If you have questions about filling out this application, contact your local county child support agency. If you experience technical issues while completing this application, contact the Minnesota Child Support Help Desk.

The child support program will keep secure any information we collect about you from this application. A complete notice of our privacy practices is available online.

The Minnesota child support program asks for demographic information like race, ethnicity, and gender for use in data collection and analysis of differences in program services and outcomes. Collection of this data will aid the program in designing and implementing more effective, inclusive, and equitable practices statewide. In addition, it will help ensure compliance with state and federal civil rights and anti-discrimination laws. 

Please note: Any information entered in this application will be lost if you close your browser before you hit submit. 

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If you checked "Yes" above, a county child support worker will contact you to discuss your concerns upon processing this application.

1. Applicant information

Do you receive:

2. Applicant employment information

Work status

Work status

3. Other parent information

Other parent receives:

4. Other parent employment information

Work status

Work status

If unemployed:

5. Minor children

Provide information about the minor child(ren) living with you whose parent you list in section three.  If you have not established parentage for your child(ren), the child support agency will ask you for more information to help establish parentage.

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Provide information about the other minor children whose parent is not listed in section three.

6. Child(ren) health care coverage information

Child(ren) health insurance type:

Other parent health insurance for the child(ren):

Is either parent court-ordered to provide:

7. Child care

Complete for each child who has child care expenses.

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8. Applicant relationship to other parent

What is your relationship to the other parent? (check all that apply)

9. Court order and legal information

Type of order (check all that apply)